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No Time for a Workout? Neither Did I...

No matter what your schedule, there is hope. Read below to find out how I found time to incorporate physical fitness into my every day and finally achieved my health and fitness goals. You CAN do this!

For so many years, I pushed myself to the max. within the corporate world. I was so driven to succeed in my career, but never took the time to take proper care of my body. I ate too much, drank too much, slept very little and neglected my body in so many ways.

The result? Stress, exhaustion, weight gain and burnout. Because as we all know, making great strides in business does not often translate to making great strides from a health perspective...

A Brand New Day

I finally have the energy, confidence and stamina that I only imagined was possible in my 20s.

So here I am. On my mat. Taking time out of my hectic workday to spend some quality time with my body during my lunch break.

Because I need this. And I so deserve it. We all do.

My yoga mat has become one of my favorite places to be as it’s here that I take the most incredible care of my body, re-center my thoughts, and restore the energy that I need to tackle whatever I’d like to accomplish each day.

I’ve been making this ritual a part of my every day for the past 14 years and it’s done absolute wonders my body and mind.

I struggled at first with giving myself the permission to do it, but am so grateful for that decision as body/mind health has played such a huge role in my continued success throughout my career as I now have the energy and resources I need to make a much greater impact with my clients, colleagues and teams.

My workout? Nothing too complicated – or strenuous, as I am not interested in re-applying make-up or showering before heading back to the office.

Simply 20-30 minutes each day of yoga, pilates or body-weight HIIT training is all you need to see and experience incredible results. No equipment required, not even running shoes.

Just a yoga mat and perhaps an inspiring (and free) 20-30 min. fitness video on YouTube to guide my workout.

My favorite lunchtime workouts? Simply Google: “Pamela Reif Workout” or “BeFitGo” or “PopSugarFitness” – click on “Videos”, and you’ll be off to the races!

And how do I manage to fit daily exercise into my already jam-packed schedule? I schedule it. As a recurring meeting. And I FULLY commit to that meeting time. Just as I fully commit to my corporate meetings and coaching calls. With some exceptions, of course...

The end result? A much happier, healthier, fitter, and more creative me. Ready to take on whatever comes my way within my corporate role, coaching practice, and personal life as a busy wife, Mom, sister and friend.

Moving our bodies is pure magic. And you all know the many, many benefits of daily exercise. Today I simply wanted to remind any of you who need to hear it that it is absolutely possible to fit exercise into your every day, no matter how hectic your schedule may be.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got some other creative ways to share about how you fit exercise into your every day. If so, please reply in the comments below. Because whatever works for you may very well be that solution someone else has been searching for!

Wishing you all a fabulously healthy, and wonderful week!

Celeste xo

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