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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Looking to create a wellness plan but don't know where to start? Imagine finally achieving your most aspirational fitness, wellness and weight loss goals - read on!

If you are a busy professional who desperately wants to be healthier and more fit, here is a daily wellness routine that is perfect for you. Learn about how to implement these 5 daily wellness goals into your hectic day, celebrate your progress, and expect transformative results!

Why Most Wellness Programs Fail

Trying to manage your health and wellness goals can feel overwhelming. In fact, it is completely normal to feel discouraged after trying so many methods to reaching your health, wellness and weight loss goals but to never really succeed. And why is that? Because most fitness and wellness programs simply do not work.

The vast majority of programs require you to set goals that are unrealistic to achieve because they are either too complicated, time consuming or vague, and also not linked to the very critical mindset of becoming healthy. With that, you end up disappointed, frustrated and blaming yourself for never reaching your goals.

Well, I am here to tell you that it isn’t your fault that you’ve failed in the past. I also had a disastrous track record of failed attempts at getting healthy and fit, but thankfully, through years of trial and error (plus a tremendous amount of fitness, wellness and mindset training), I have found a way to help you!

And if you think you are too busy to start a wellness routine, I am here to show you just how easy it can be.

This is the exact wellness routine that I have followed for the past 15 years and has led to the healthiest, happiest and fittest version of myself. I now have the energy, strength, confidence and stamina that I believed could only be possible in my 20s.

I am now 45 years old and truly have never felt better. And that is what I want that for you too!

In order to show you how to achieve health and wellness in a realistic and balanced way, I have broken down this incredibly simple wellness routine into 5 Daily Goals.

Each part of this wellness routine focuses on the most important aspects of building and maintaining a healthy, fit and strong body.

Two things to keep in mind as you read through the Daily Goals. One is to start small! The more that you take smaller steps when it comes to achieving, and committing to, positive change.

The best way to ensure you’re starting small is to focus on no more than two health or wellness goals at a time, and to keep from focusing on your most difficult goals first.

By starting with smaller and more bit-sized goals, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and get some practice on achieving some smaller goals before moving on to any bigger ones.

The second thing to keep in mind is that there is only progress, and not perfection. So if you aim for eating 2 extra fruits each day and only manage to eat 1, THAT IS PROGRESS my friend!

It is so important to recognize and celebrate your wins as those wins are the key ingredient to fueling and achieving your wellness goals.


· Eat more fruits and veggies

· Drink more water

· Get more sleep

· Move your body with love

· Plan and prep whenever possible


For this goal you will aim to slowly increase the amount of fruits and veggies that you eat in a day.

To implement this goal, you will first observe how many you typically eat in a day and then increase by one. This can be one serving, one whole fruit or veggie, or even one bite.

You will stick with this original increase until it is easy for you and you are ready for more.

In general, there is tremendous benefit to eating 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies in a day. Or making half your plate at every meal a fruit or vegetable.


Your body thrives when you drink more water, and you will feel so much better when you increase your daily intake. It will help nourish your cells, flush out toxins from your body, keep you regular, help make you feel full, give you energy, keep you from aging, assist with your weight loss goals, and make your skin look AMAZING!

To start this goal, you will start small and increase once the original goal feels easy. Start with one more glass of water than you currently drink a day.

The amount of water you drink in a day should be based on your weight. So your final goal should be around 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight, which means that a 150 lb. person should drink 150 ounces of water a day.


A daily goal of sleep will help you work towards getting the number of hours you need to feel well rested. What is the number you should be aiming for? The fact is that you can’t pinpoint an exact number because everyone is different as far as age and lifestyle factors. But you can approximate.

Here is a chart that is from the National Sleep Foundation showing ranges each age group should aim for with sleep.

In general, 7-9 hours of sleep is the recommended amount to achieve the maximum benefits. Getting more or less sleep than that can result in health problems.

First identify how many hours of sleep you would like to be getting. Next, observe how many hours of sleep you actually get. From there pick a goal that you would like to work towards and start small.

This could be going to bed 5-15 minutes earlier than you normally do and eventually working your way up to an hour etc.


Your daily movement goal should be to start moving just a little every single day. And eventually work up to at least 30-minutes each day.

Movement for health is designed to provide your body the changes in position it needs to keep your body from getting old and immobile. There are numerous other benefits we get from movement and exercise, but let’s not get into all those today!

Movement and exercise should never be used as punishment to make up for food you ate or want to eat. ….let that sink in.

Movement should be about doing something you find pleasurable and enjoyable and feels amazing for your body.

Movement should also be approached by intuitively listening to what you WANT to do that day.

You may not want to run 3 miles like you had planned, but you may want to stretch. Stretch and do that without guilt. Enjoy that feeling. And perhaps add a little extra. But if not, know you’re doing what your body needs.

Learning to move intuitively is the key to long term success and a love for movement.

To help explain this more, here is what that looks for me. I pretty much hate to workout longer than 40-minutes at a time. So when I was trying to make myself stick to a workout schedule that included mostly workouts that were 60-minutes long I found I just wouldn’t do it because I didn’t have time.

I hope this daily wellness goal will help you realize that movement is not all or nothing. Movement is simply about paying attention to your body and what it needs and finding ways to move it in ways that feel enjoyable for you. You can literally do anything you want to reach this goal.

Yoga, dancing, cycling, jogging, hiking. It all counts. With the all-time best exercise for all being walking!

Stop thinking that in order for exercise or movement to be beneficial it needs to be a 60-minute hard core workout.

To start your movement journey aim with starting a few minutes a day and increase slowly from there. If you love the process and pick it up quickly, then by all means continue to dive in. As you never feel you’re “making” yourself do it. Think about what you want to do each day, and what your body needs and go from there, instead of following a schedule that has been dictated to you.


Planning and prepping for your next day is vital to reducing stress in your life and ensuring you keep up with your daily wellness goals.

For this daily goal you will write down at least one thing (preferably before bedtime) that you want to get done the next day. You will also prep one thing that will make your next day easier.

Here is what tomorrow’s prep/prepare agenda could look like:

1. Prepare all lunches and snacks

2. Set out clothes for the kids

3. Set out work-out clothes (and put them on first thing in the morning!)

4. Wash favourite water bottle and have it ready to fill at breakfast

5. Place iPad at breakfast table to pick morning workout

Boom. Done. How quick and easy is that?

Ideally you should prep for something in the morning because the first hour of your day is what sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Preparing the day before does more than save you time. Planning and prepping can actually help ward off decision fatigue, which is the proven concept that making less choices leads to increased self-control, motivation and determination!

Planning and prepping eliminates decisions we need to make in a day thus giving us more resources available for the really important decisions in our day.

Remember we will start super small. To start planning and prepping, begin with one or two items to prep and plan.


Start TODAY! You do not have to wait one extra second to get started. Simply figure out the one thing you want to do today for each of your daily goals and do those things!

It’s time to take action on your health. Don’t wait another second. You are absolutely worth it!


I am so proud of you for hanging in there and diving into these 5 daily goals for busy professional. I am confident that you can make this work for you. I am 1000% here to help you on your journey.

Please keep me posted on your progress, and let me know how I can help!

Celeste xo

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