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Corporate Wellness 

YES to Health Co.


Now, more than even, your team needs to be healthy.

Whether your team works from home or at the office, they want to be productive. To be productive, they need to be healthy and balanced. To stay healthy and balanced, they need to be educated.

I can help.

The most successful businesses are those that invest in helping their employees to manage stress and imbalances, and also help their leaders to coach an inspire their teams to wellness and success.


My fully customized workplace wellness workshops provide corporate professionals with the motivation, skills and resources they need to accomplish their most aspirational leadership and wellness goals.  

Help your employees achieve transformational health, wellness and lifestyle changes and increase your firm's engagement, productivity and profitability in return. 


Start making a difference today.


A fully customized workplace wellness program tailored to the unique leadership and wellness goals of your employees and leaders.

Why Invest in a Workplace Wellness Program?

Studies have shown that those forward-thinking employers who are investing in the health and well-being of their employees are experiencing higher levels of engagement, productivity, lower turnover - in addition to a significantly improved company culture.

Implementing a workplace wellness program has never been so important.  It will help take your business and reputation to the next level, and your employees will thank you for it.


Overcoming Overwhelm 

Building Resilience in Times of Change

Resilient Minds & Powerful Bodies

Leading and Inspiring Remote Teams

The Art of Developing Others Through Coaching

Happier, Healthier & Fit in 5 Simple Steps 

Nutritional Well-Being for Busy Professionals

The Stress-Less Routine

5 Daily Goals: The Simplest Wellness Program Ever

Managing Stress for Positive Change

From Burnout to Balance in 5 Simple Steps


Hello there! 


I’m Celeste.  Certified leadership and wellness coach with a passion for helping driven professionals transform their bodies and minds by achieving their most aspirational leadership and wellness goals. 

Why am I doing this?  Because I’ve been there.  Thriving in my career but struggling to find the right balance between work and life.  Working late, eating out, skipping workouts – you name it.  My life revolved around my career and my clients until my body would no longer allow it.

Now as a coach, I work with successful professionals who make great strides at work and are looking to replicate that same level of success within their bodies and minds.  I offer workplace wellness programs that focus on fostering a healthy, balanced and highly engaged work environment.

I am so excited to help you through this journey, whether your are a business owner or leader.  Change is absolutely possible, and just around the corner!

All my best,




Together we’ll create the most effective program through identifying the unique health and wellness needs of your employees using a simplistic, formulaic and strategic approach. 


Whether you’ve only recently committed to focusing on workplace wellness or have been exploring a number of options, we’ll uncover what your key priorities are and use those as anchors to create the most effective sessions possible.

Are you ready to kickstart your workplace wellness program and take your business to the next level? 

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